The Benefits of Organ Meats in Dog and Cat Foods

As veterinarians who are actively promoting the benefits of natural raw food diets, it is important for us to remember that raw meat and bones alone, does not constitute a balanced diet. Combining carbohydrates, vegetables and vitamin/mineral supplements goes a long way to creating perfect balance, but the addition of organ meats is the final step in re-creating the “ancestral”…

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Vets All Natural Food

The Natural Choice for Healthy Pets 40 million years ago the earliest prehistoric dogs began evolving on planet earth. For the next 39.75 million years they roamed the planet as wild beasts, catching prey, scavenging, hunting as packs and evolving into their modern counterparts. Man and dog first formed a friendship back in the cave man era (250,000+ years ago),…

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Feeding cats a natural diet

The Cat family (felids) have evolved closely along side their canine counterparts, but have developed their own unique dietary requirements as a result of their own unique dietary intake. Cats, unlike dogs, are obligate carnivores, which means they must have meat in their diet to live (dogs can live on a vegetarian diet). Cats require significantly larger amounts of protein in their…

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Christmas time for pets

What to get your pets for Christmas ? Many people like to spoil their pets for Christmas, and why not, they are members of the family too. Giving your pet a special treat is great, but what about a gift that keeps on giving – what about pet insurance ? Have you thought about what you would do if your…

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Allergy season

Allergies Spring and Summer can be a rough time for many pets, with the onset of the flea and allergy season. Itching caused by allergies can be very frustrating for all involved, pets, owners and veterinarians. Because allergies are an abnormal immune reaction, there is no single simple answer to them, much like it is with hayfever or asthma –…

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