The Benefits of Organ Meats in Dog and Cat Foods

As veterinarians who are actively promoting the benefits of natural raw food diets, it is important for us to remember that raw meat and bones alone, does not constitute a balanced diet. Combining carbohydrates, vegetables and vitamin/mineral supplements goes a long way to creating perfect balance, but the addition of organ meats is the final step in re-creating the “ancestral”…

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Protein in Pet Food

This essential ingredient in dog and cat food is perhaps the most manipulated of all components in processed pet foods. Dogs and cats are carnivorous, and they require significant levels of meat in their diet (60-80%meat), which includes muscle meat, organs, offal and bones. One of the most common substitutions for meat protein is the use of “meat by products”,…

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Holistic medicine and nutrition

At Healthy Pets vet clinic we strive for total animal health, and that means looking at the “whole” animal, in terms of physical health, mental health, preventative health, lifestyle, and of course, nutritional health. Holistic medicine, or perhaps better termed as integrative medicine, is a type of clinical practice that utilizes the very best of modern veterinary science, but also…

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Vets All Natural Food

The Natural Choice for Healthy Pets 40 million years ago the earliest prehistoric dogs began evolving on planet earth. For the next 39.75 million years they roamed the planet as wild beasts, catching prey, scavenging, hunting as packs and evolving into their modern counterparts. Man and dog first formed a friendship back in the cave man era (250,000+ years ago),…

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Raw Food Diets

By Dr Bruce Syme BVSc (Hons) Canines and felines have been evolving on this planet for millions of years. During all of that time they have been eating raw food, and it is common sense to see that they are not yet adequately designed to fully digest, process and absorb cooked foods which are purported to supply ALL their nutritional…

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